Manscript Submission


The powdered dried arillus of Myristica fragrans was studied in albino rabbits for its effects on experimentally induced hyperlipidaemia in two doses 100mg/kg (Group B, n=6), 500mg/kg (Group C, n=6) and compared with control (Group A, n=6). At 60 days of intervention arillus of M.fragrans significantly reduced total cholesterol up to 90.46±0.4817% (P<0.01), LDL cholesterol was reduced by 93.95±0.4572% (P<0.01) and triglycerides were reduced by 66.08±2.168 %( P<0.05) in dose 500mg/kg for 60 days. The total cholesterol was found to be 78.17±5.354mg/dl in group B, 61.11± 15.92mg/dl in group C, versus. 87.09±5.103mg/dl in group A (P=n.s. in both groups), LDL cholesterol 54.18±4.258mg/dl in group B, 21.42± 2.37 mg/dl in group C vs. 49.45±5.63mg/dl in group A, (P<0.01 in group C, P=n.s. in group B), HDL cholesterol was found to be 28.25±2.013mg/dl in group B, 30.74±1.8329mg/dl in group C versus 33.68±2.143mg/dl in group A, (P=n.s. in both groups).The triglyceride levels were found to be 35.32±1.735mg/dl (P<0.0001)in group B, 45.08± 4.009 mg/dl (P=n.s.) in group C, versus 51.04± 1.645 mg/dl in group A. The total cholesterol: HDL cholesterol ratio was found to be 2.56±0.3797 in group B (P=n.s.), 2.13±0.1061 in g roup C (P<0.05) versus the control value 2.98±0.2572 and LDL: HDL ratios were 1.77±0.1184 and 1.09±0.1592 (P<0.05) in group B and C versus the control value 1.82±0.2490 The plant material also reduced deposition of cholesterol in liver and heart significantly. The safety studies showed absence of any adverse effect on various hematological and biochemical parameters of liver and renal function. The dried arillus of M.fragrans proved to be a hypolipidaemic agent of natural origin as it showed more reduction in lipid levels as compared to controls.