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Vikram Sharma
Managing Director, Organo-Swiss Bioceuticals, Chandigarh, India
Subash Chand
Research scientist, Organo-Swiss Bioceuticals, Chandigarh, India

Astaxanthin ,Anti-oxidant ,Carotene ,Melanin ,Anti-aging ,Xanthophylls ,

The aim of present studies was to collect and summarise the detail information based on literature review containing research article, review article and various marketed product such as cream, lotion, face mask, cardiovascular product and anti-aging product. The green microalga Chlorella zofingiensis, which is able to grow and produce significant amounts of antioxidative carotenoids (especially Astaxa nthin) in the dark, has been recommended as a potential source of natural Astaxanthin. Astaxanthin (3,3‟ -dihydroxy-β-β-carotene-4,4‟-dione ) is a carotenoid, commonly found in marine environments. The presence of the hydroxyl and keto endings on each ionone ring, explains some unique features of Astaxanthin, such as its ability to be esterified, its high anti -oxidant potency and a more polar configuration than other carotenoid. As the Astaxanthin is responsible for the phenotypic brownish-green colour of an American lobster is determined by genetic and dietary mechanisms. This molecule neutralizes free radicals or other oxidants by either accepting or donating electrons, and without being destroyed or becoming a pro-oxidant in the process. The cosmetics product containing Astaxanthin as the main constituents are astalution, pure white, asta gel, astafe, Q10 face mask in combination with alpha lipoic acids. Astaxanthin hard gelatine capsules are now marketed in most of Asian country as well as European country under the different brand name with maximum of 4mg dose.

4 , 1 , 2014

40 - 44